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May 15, 2014
By bellariptor PLATINUM, Lexington, Massachusetts
bellariptor PLATINUM, Lexington, Massachusetts
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Poetry is the soundtrack to my life, the lyrics are my thoughts accompanied by the melody of my emotions.

I think I spend a majority of my time waiting

Waiting for the page to load

the tide to turn

the weekend to come

the clock to cheat

a heart to beat

I'm tired of waiting

I don't want to spend my hours remembering a few moments

because I am dying

who knows how fast?

It might be a few seconds it might be a few billion

but nothing is more certain

Yet of this certainty nothing is known

So how should I proceed?

meandering down the lonely aisle of my deathbed

towards the dust of my origin

time's unhalting pace drags me

sometimes a prisoner

sometimes a victor

but let it be said

that I embraced the mystery

that I questioned the certain

that I strolled with purpose

without looking back

until I climbed a ladder into the depths

remembering every breath.

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on Sep. 20 2014 at 3:45 pm
elycavill SILVER, Samobor, Other
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Leave nothing but footprints,
Take nothing but pictures,
Kill nothing but time.

True, relatable, fine written, really good idea! All in all really good poem!! Love it!