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Let Me Have My Crush

May 9, 2014
By JoyMason PLATINUM, Arapahoe, Nebraska
JoyMason PLATINUM, Arapahoe, Nebraska
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May I never tell my crush.
Some things, I could never say.
Other things, I could never do.
But all that I can do,
All I can say is;
I have a major crush,
On a person I have met a while ago.
Once he was there;
He was stuck in my brain.
Burning, churning in my heart.
Butterflies batter my stomach to bits
as he passes.

Let me have my crush,
I shouldn't have to tell you.
You have no part in my love life.
No piece in my games.
He can't know,
I'm just too afraid that he'll turn away;
That he'll laugh;
That he'll say no, no matter how he does.

Leave me alone to crush,
May I never have to say anything to anyone.
No one must know,
In my fear that they might tell him.
Sometimes, when I'm alone,
I lay down on my bed and think only of him.
I know that my fantasy won't happen if he doesn't know,
But what if he does know?
What would he say?
Would he say the same?
Would he deny me my crush?
I don't know,
But would I want to know?

I can't let go of my crush.
He's always on my mind.
I can't get rid of him,
No matter how hard I try.
Whenever he talks to me,
I feel like hugging him, or kissing him,
Or just…something.
When he's looking at me with even a hint of affection,
I only want to cry in knowing i can't have a kind and awesome guy like that.
If only there was a guarantee that he could be mine.
Then, and only then, would I feel just fine.

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