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Excuses, excuses

May 1, 2014
By Dolphin8 GOLD, Mclean, Virginia
Dolphin8 GOLD, Mclean, Virginia
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Oh mom do I have to
I don’t want to make my bed
I don’t want to brush my teeth
I don’t want to clean my room
I don’t want to do my homework

I just want to sleep in an unmade bed
I just want to brush my teeth tomorrow
I just want to have a messy room
I just want to play video games not homework

What I have a cold because when I didn’t make my bed the blankets fell off
What I have cavities and you need to drill in my teeth
What the cleaning lady quit because my room was too messy
What I have to miss recess because I didn’t do my homework
Aw man I should have listened to you mom

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