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Get Me Out Of Here

May 1, 2014
By Dolphin8 GOLD, Mclean, Virginia
Dolphin8 GOLD, Mclean, Virginia
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I’m stuck on this brace with nowhere to go.
Going side to side high and low.
There’re ants in front and in back.
Will we ever get of this track?
If I stop I will get bumped and hit,
And I will fall into an endless pit.
I am running around like it’s a race.
My legs keep crawling on this brace.
I’m tearing up and I’m ready to cry.
I just want to shut my eye.
Walking in a line that is tidy and neat.
Why can’t I stop my tired feet?
I’m as sleepy as a bear in hibernation.
Can’t I take one vacation?
Now I’m sick of walking around,
I rather just fall to the ground.
Besides I think it’s better to die alone,
Instead of this walking zone!

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