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A Mother's Love

April 30, 2014
By BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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A mother's love is real love
it's unconditional expressive love
you could never know until your one yourself
love is love but a mother's love is forever love, a mother's love starts from that one minute she realizes she is pregnant

That's the day a mother's love comes to be not just a thought but a reality, mothers are faced with challenges daily and some even can't over come it regardless of the mother's choices she is still a mother that loves like no other

A mother is excited to see you grow from with in, to see you move 'in and to hear your heart beat skip a beat, see your features change weekly you start out as a size of a nut, and monthly your growing matching the size of something else, a mother is excited to feel you punch 'in and kick 'in from within

Then the day comes to find out if your a boy or girl some even decide to let it be a surprise, through all the months all the changes and challenges a mother's love is real, when it is finally time for you to come into the world a mother is so over whelmed it doesn't matter how or when you enter into the world because your mother has been waiting for you to come

When a mother hears her child cry for the first time it's a sign from God, heavens she did what was best, she get to hold you and tell you for the first time just how much she loves you and she'll never let you go, how she'll always protect and be there for you it's true, it's a mother's love it's so unconditionally expressive you would never know until you become one yourself, love is love but a mother's love is forever

A mother's job is to love and care & comfort you, teach you right from wrong, be there for you no matter what, a mother would do anything for you because that's a mother's love

As you get older and grow your mom is everything but then one day you say she is ruining your life then when you come of age you look back at all that's happened and you smile because your glad you had your mother's love and now she is your best friend, but no matter what a mother's love stays there forever and someday you can say you understand a mother's love completely unconditionally from that day forward a mother's love is a mother's love

The author's comments:
This is about a mother's love what it means to be a mom and to love your children unconditionally no matter what. from day one to the time and beyond her love is always there even when she's gone

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