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Fly Boy

April 7, 2014
By gottagetout17 SILVER, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
gottagetout17 SILVER, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"No matter what anybody tells you words and ideas can change the world" ~Dead Poets Society

When we’re young
we’re told to follow our dreams.
But what do you do,
when your dream is picked for you?

I get out of a box, underwater, one time,
and, suddenly,
I’m an escape artist.
Don’t get me wrong.
The rush of escaping-
liquor to a boozer:
But no one ever thought
that maybe I had other plans.

My parents always said,
“get my head out of the clouds.”
But that’s the only place I want to be:
up in the air.
No more escaping.
When I’m in a plane,
I already escaped.

The author's comments:
this is one in a series I called Talk of the Speakeasy. see if you can tell who's perspective it's written from!

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