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Anne Frank

April 17, 2014
By MarieEsther PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
MarieEsther PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
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As long as the sun exists,
we will be young

And I will be the silent absorber of
ever pensive... open

And you will be
a music box

Twirling your thin
Skeletal arms
Cheeks hollow and pink,

like Those garments
your sister always complained about.

In that moment
the world was glass
and your words were wind chimes

But the glass world broke
Dear Anne
your skin was too soft
when you died.

Dear Anne, tell me about Venus
one more time,
Dear Anne,
tell me how that boy is beautiful,
how, so long as the sun hangs in the sky,
so long as the strings supporting it exist then
tears will exist and,
tell me that all this
means something, Dear Anne,

you said heard your mother calling.
But I didn’t hear her.
Dearest Anne, you paper-thin girl I swear
I didn’t hear her!
don’t go downstairs

Dear Kitty,
But how could you have heard her?

If you are only

A diary.

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