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March 18, 2014
By UntoldSecrets BRONZE, Toronto, Other
UntoldSecrets BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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Favorite Quote:
People will keep throwing stones in your path,

Hold fast to the rope of faith
and Allah will change stones into flowers

You think it's all about perfection,
That there should be no imperfections.

You fail to realize what true beauty is,
Where it lies and where it's found.

You search for it in the wrong ways,
Mislead by today's society.

They display it through photo shoots,
Making adjustments,edited and transformed.

Altering the real figure - concealing nature
And so they ask - What is Beauty?

It is the light that glows within you.
The personality you make the world smile with,
And your ability to rise above

It's the love that bonds between,
a mother and her newborn

You see it now don't you?
That beauty is not just about the physical appearance.

But it is much more, and you should know.
Beauty is what lies within the soul!

The author's comments:
In today's time and age many young people have been deceived by what the true meaning of what beauty is. Society has concealed the nature of true beauty by masking it with certain perspectives and views. Cosmetics, photo shoots,plastic surgery etc, all materials used to alter the natural appearance of people. This not only is an issues but even the simple fact that when one thinks about beauty it is automatically perceived to be about physical appearance. This is not the real matter of what beauty is. Beauty is in all places, in all forms and this needs to be further explored and exposed in our western societies.

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