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A Shoebox Full of Memories

January 26, 2014
By Failiwillnotfall PLATINUM, San Marcos, California
Failiwillnotfall PLATINUM, San Marcos, California
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I’ve got a picture of my class way back in the third grade
But it’s with a different teacher
Because the real one never stayed

I’ve got a dollar coin made in 1972
It was given to me by and elderly
Man that I never really knew

I have a broken key chain that I got for free
I got it from the airport
On my way to D.C.

I got a bunch of things
That I put in a box
They consist of smashed pennies and a couple of rocks

I keep my box full of stuff not because I’m a hoarder
I keep it just in case
If my life gets out of order

It’s not there to make my life full of clutter
It’s here to make me happy
And to make my heart flutter
Because life can be hard and it helps me get through
Don’t worry about financial problems
I got a couple a twos

That my momma gave me
There’s some special gold coins
That I got from the tooth fairy

As much as it seems
Like I got junk in my trunk
The stuff inside my shoebox
Is rusty
But it gleams
To me

I don’t have a shoebox full of junk
Though that’s what everybody sees,
I got a special shoebox that’s full of my memories.

The author's comments:
I have this box in my room that I keep a lot of old stuff in. Even though my family tells me that it's old junk, every time I look at it... It helps me remember.

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