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Maybe It's Not Worth It

January 20, 2014
By Glide GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
Glide GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
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The only reason killing yourself is a sin, is because your beating God at his own game.

How many flights of stairs I've traveled up to see you

Even you've knocked down three steps and I only make it back up two

I've skinned my knee over and over on these wrought iron bars

thinking "only one more step and I'm so close to you," but really too far

I'm moving too fast, I keep falling, reaching for you but now I'm watching you leave

and I made you so worth it as I ran like my blood was flowing like a river through the streets

for a second when I thrusted my hand out, I might think my fingers grazed the hem of your shirt

but just as soon as I'm about to grasp it, you're running off leaving me to lie in the dirt.

And as I sink lower, deep in the depths of these sodden, brown cracks

I'm too low to be at your level, so I let my heart break, instead to last.

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