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Hey mother

December 4, 2013
By DeGaurdianAngels GOLD, Bellwood, Illinois
DeGaurdianAngels GOLD, Bellwood, Illinois
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hey mother! hey mother, can we go? hey mother! hey mother just let me know when the day begins. Hey mother hey mother its my birthday so can we go play. hey mother hey mother lets got to the hip hop shop. We walk down the street hand in hand as we come to an sudden stop. hey mother hey mother can we talk. She looks very tired and so much more but she nods slightly and took a sit by me as I explained how much I loved her.I watched her as her chest rose and fall to the rhyme of the beat.Suddenly it all stops! hey mother hey mother can you see that way i look at you as you sleep. hey mother hey mother its time to go back home. hey mother hey mother please wake up. hey mother hey mother i was there when you left. hey mother hey mother will you watch over me as i grow and grow and grow. hey mother din't you see that i still need you today. hey mother hey mother will you wait till we are united in heaven. hey mother hey mother hey mother! hey mother but bye mother!

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