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I want to...but

October 27, 2013
By bellariptor PLATINUM, Lexington, Massachusetts
bellariptor PLATINUM, Lexington, Massachusetts
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Poetry is the soundtrack to my life, the lyrics are my thoughts accompanied by the melody of my emotions.

I want to be someone’s first choice
just me
not my smile or my time
or my trophy shelf
or my tears or testimony
just the slab of stone
beating inside of me

I want to go a day without
the black veil of loneliness
or my shackling smile
to wake up and have a
day worth opening my eyes
in front of me

I want someone to care enough to
see past the handshake into
the silence
that begs to be noticed
hopes to be left alone

I want to look forward to the weekend
instead of starting the clock
as I serve out my sentence
alone and on guard

I want to change the world
but first I have to beat this week
this day

I want to love
but I don’t have any left to give

I want to…

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