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Unsent Mail

October 16, 2013
By life_goes_0n SILVER, Brookfield, Connecticut
life_goes_0n SILVER, Brookfield, Connecticut
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Dear bud,
Ten months went by so fast, but it still felt like forever.
Seconds ticked into minutes dragged into hours
still without you.
There better be horses in heaven.

Christmas was tough without you by the tree opening presents.
You as my guardian angel was the best present ever,
even though I would have preferred a hug.
Sorry you still haven’t gotten my thank you card,
but I’ll tell you a million times.

You missed all the trees coming back.
The flowers get more beautiful every year;
I took pictures for you.

Summer was all riding and smiles;
it would have been better with you.

School goes by slow when you’re the only thing on my mind,
but I can still feel you pushing me through all the bad days
and math class.

It’s almost Halloween now.
You could have been anything you wanted;
I’m sorry angel costumes aren’t very masculine down here.
You’ll always be my handsome soldier in my eyes.

The leaves are falling
but they’re not staying long before the wind wisps them away;
you’re not here to play in them.

So…I miss you, Jess.
I hope you’re smiling that gorgeous smile of yours when you see how strong I’ve been getting.
I’m doing it all for you.

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east_of_ada said...
on Oct. 18 2013 at 8:16 pm
east_of_ada, Null, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"As for me, I am a watercolor. I wash off." (via Anne Sexton,"For My Lover, Returning To His Wife")

"I think I made you up inside my head.'' (via Sylvia Plath, "Mad Girl's Love Song")

"You called it cosmic; I thought it was icy." (via Ada Coen)

in my mind i was screaming almost there, because your style was so close to being something i loved. i enjoy highly confessional poetry, and your's bordered on a full emotional cleansing. it didn't get quite there in my mind, since i hold all pooetry to the impossible standards of anne sexton and co, but it was truly nice. i'm never a big fan of blatant first person so the fact that you got to read itfully is an achievement in my mind~i'm poetry picky~ i'm never going to tell you how i think you should write your poems, but there's one thing i'd liketo suggest: the last stanza, remove her name. it makes it sound more of a heart thing if you can disassociate yourself from the object of your poetry and just place it in a collective heart. or at least i prefer that. but like i said, i'd never tell you how to write your poems~nice job though boo~!