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One Note

October 9, 2013
By IfLifeGivesYouLemons PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
IfLifeGivesYouLemons PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
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One crisp, clear note
floating gently through the room
A single, long second
like an atom, like the moon
A shaft of light spoke volumes,
my eyes couldn’t keep it still
When from across the world there came
a soft, a single trill
The world began to crumble as
I stared up towards the sky
It fell apart around me as
I stayed and passed it by
I saw the light as yellow when
it truly was a blue
It shifted to the left although I
swore it had stayed true
Blinded and deceived, but then
wind slapped me in the face
I woke up from my dreamland and
I saw the true world’s face
Backed away from light because
the light, it had deceived
When red came by I took it in,
but then I took my leave
When suddenly before my eyes
a shining angel shone
I stepped away and pledged myself
Then lived into its tone
The branches of the tree began
to weaken, one by one
Sticks and stones, they fell away
and beat upon the drums
The drums of life continued
on and carved away a path
When one day, a tree feel down
through fabric the knife slashed
The corpse continued to walk, because
I held my bleeding flesh
I denied, refused to stop although
it truly needed rest
I was not hurt or wounded;
no, one can never be
I pinned together rotting skin
I climbed around the tree
Beyond, the path was gone
I now see only blank, white space
I knew that no obstruction could have
ever slowed my pace
I walked and I got nowhere
For the ropes still hold me back
The light, it quickly fades away
I see much less than black
My wounds are dripping, torn away
But they will heal, another day.

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