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It started with two teens

October 2, 2013
By BeSempiternal SILVER, League City, Texas
BeSempiternal SILVER, League City, Texas
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I am from two teens thinking it would be just fine.
I am from a thought that didn't even cross their minds.
I am from sadness and fear of a man not knowing his fate.
I am from a frightened mother, who was a little late.
I am from the love that two grandparents tried to invest in me.
I am from the innocence of a beautiful child, who lost nearly everything.
I am from the heartache of it being ripped away from me.
I am from the confusion of maturing way too quickly.
I am from the terror of the drugs becoming addicted to me.
I am from the hatred of my mother who knows this path too well.
I am from the dissapointment of my family, who had such higher hopes in me.
I am from depression that falls down the family tree.
I am from the pain of knowing these footsteps dont stop at me.
I am from a lonely road of abandoned misery.
I am from the selfishness of her leaving me.
I am from the grudge the dwells deep.
I am from the knowledge that it was all my fault.
I am from "A New Beginning" that never got its start.
I am from the hope that I'll make something of myself.
I am from the flashbacks and memories of my mother, who knows it started with two teens, and now I'm doing the same.

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