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Killer Born, Killer Killed

September 27, 2013
By TheBlackCrow901 SILVER, Chatham, Illinois
TheBlackCrow901 SILVER, Chatham, Illinois
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The day I was born
The 23rd of May, in the year 1999
My mother died, I clenched my fists and wailed
The doctor clucked his tongue and said
She's a natural

The first day of grade three
I was skipping rocks in the pond at recess
I noticed a bird of prey dive for a mouse
I must've threw the rock out of reflex
because the bird fell and the mouse left alive
A crowd of kids and teachers alike had gathered
They whispered amongst themselves
I couldn't hear them but I know what they said
She's a natural

In grade four I got attacked
By a big man with a little knife
I spat on his face and hit him till blood covered my knuckles
Men in pristine black suits came
They took the body away and told each other
She's a natural

In grade five they had me working overtime
I had no time for play dates and normal things
Kids would not cross the street to play
They'd be ushered by their worried parents away
Warning their curious kids
She's a natural

In grade six I fought my way to the top
An eleven year old assassin with no friends
I put everything into my work
Enemies beware
She's a natural

In grade nine I met my match
With a bottle of pills
And a letter that read
I guess in the end I killed everything I touched
I was warned my whole life
I'm a natural

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