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My Heart's Content

September 26, 2013
By amandap PLATINUM, Midlothian, Virginia
amandap PLATINUM, Midlothian, Virginia
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“In this day and age”
They rant,
Mouths spewing like sewage.
Oh god,
Not again;
The hypocrisy of it all!
Rolled eyes and bitten tongues compare naught
With bitten lip and rolled joints
Because “in this day and age”
Serotonin springs like a sniper in some,
And in others, oh others,
We beg for the shot from the
Government in our hands.
How hilarious,
With our feet in the boots,
(not on the ground!)
And (oh god, I will not let you go)
“in this day and age”
I am a s*** (for loving one man),
You are a harlot (for loving them all),
And he is an addict (for not loving himself),
And love, love, love:
We’ve let it all go because we
“love our country” and humanity is a (w)hole
And of course that is our business, you sad isolationist!
Another government,
Another world,
Another war that you will not fight,
That we will fight
But we have no rights to control.
I love him.
Never you,
Never let him go or face poet’s fury
Which is a fight I will lose but I’ll fight it all the same.
To the death!
Let me die;
Lose American lives as sure as their hearts beat.
My heart’s content to confess to a disease
Of the mind by flushed face and shakes
Cannot be cured because “in this day and age”
We’ve all gone mad.

(I know I have).

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