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What You Don't Know

May 22, 2013
By Aisuu GOLD, Colleyville, Texas
Aisuu GOLD, Colleyville, Texas
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You know that I cry whenever I'm reminded of you
But what you don't know is that
Everything reminds me
Everything brings back some memory of times we spent together
Times when I believed in a love that could stay true

You know that you were everything to me
But what you don't know is that
I measured my life by the times I saw you
I measured my success by how much I could make you smile
Because that smile could keep the weight off my heart for an eternity

You know that I'm just waiting until the day I see you again
But what you don't know is that
I don't know if I can make it that far
I don't know if you'll still be there when I find you
Or if when I find you, I'll be forgotten...or, worse, called just a "friend".

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