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An Ode to the Forgotten

June 4, 2013
By lexi.smith13 PLATINUM, Brownfield, Maine
lexi.smith13 PLATINUM, Brownfield, Maine
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"A house divided against itself cannot stand" - Abraham Lincoln

An ode to the forgotten,
They will soon remember.
That you are important,
whether its june or december.
You will be found,
your not worthless at all.
I'll be forgotten with you,
And pick each other up when we fall.

The author's comments:
This is my fourth 'ode' we all know "ode to joy" an ode is a poem that is about or inspired to something. Check out my other odes: An Ode to the Sun, An Ode to the Dark, An Ode to the Summer, and now An Ode to the Forgotten.

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