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In the Name of Honor

May 12, 2013
By WinstonSmith BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
WinstonSmith BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
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My culture preaches humility,
but I lust for honor.
I have the potential to be great.
I can make no mistakes.
The opposition is good.
My dreams enslave me to study.

I do not seek Buddhahood
because I’d rather have greatness.
Don’t worship me when I am dead.
I’ll be gone forever,
and I won’t be in Jesus’ Heaven.
All that will remain
will be the name that I made for my family.

It’s a cruel world.
There’s no room for any friendships.
The pressure’s mounting,
and I am achieving.
Respect is earned, and it is expensive.
It will cost me my youth and my beauty.
It’s worth it.

I say that I want to help the world.
I say I am doing this in the name of my ancestors,
to bring them honor.
But really, I am doing this for me,
so I can say that I was the one.

I will not lie to myself,
calling myself righteous.
I am broken and flawed,
but someday I will be as great as my failings.

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deoma said...
on May. 21 2013 at 8:31 pm
Great poem! I think this reflects what a lot of people feel withing.