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May 8, 2013
By Idiocy GOLD, Brinnon, Washington
Idiocy GOLD, Brinnon, Washington
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Im scared of possibilities,
im scared of belief because its heavier
than anything but you
cant watch it crush you
pressurize your insides.

So, no, don’t believe in me
trusts are broken easily and
regret is an ocean inside of me
all of youre believing like wastes
making the ocean not only deep
but toxic.

You’re my underwater
aquarium, each of you alive in my
regret, but dying from this broken trust
but you insisted I must be something
better than nothing.

I’m sorry I’m not a river
flowing, changing and okay with it,
nor am i
a stagnant lake deprived & fearful
of change rotting from all sides
no oxygen and killing everything
choking it off but you know that
so you stay away
but no I am
an ocean, thrashing waves one day
or even just on one coast while
the other coast a breeze doesn’t dare
to skirt across the calmed surface
and my deep sea mysteries
remain just that inside of me
Atlantis sunk a long time ago
but youre always so hopeful that
youll be the one to unearth the treasure
cant you see everythings gone
theres nothing left so, please,
move on.

I’m a mystery that isn’t worth solving
my salt water tears don’t need cheering
I need nothing, everything, possibilities,
But not your damned beliefs.

The author's comments:
This poem is about when people overly believe in you, or when they have more faith in you than you've got in yourself. If that makes sense.

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