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Horrors of The Darkness

April 29, 2013
By lexi.smith13 PLATINUM, Brownfield, Maine
lexi.smith13 PLATINUM, Brownfield, Maine
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Whispers of the darkness,
Horrors in the hallway.
Scared of the silence,
When theres nothing to say.
Descending into shadows,
Faces of the guilty.
Thoughts of terrors in my mind,
Slowly devouring me.
Alone in your room,
Darkness overcast.
Trying to not think of the bad,
And fall asleep fast.
Torturing yourself in mind,
Thinking what could be.
What really may be there,
But what you can’t see.
Before you go to bed,
And turning the light off.
You think that now it’s dark,
They come out of the loft.
Then you jump onto your bed,
Thinking you are safe.
Covered in your blankets,
Keeping all hope and faith.
Under the blankets your feet,
And above the blankets your head.
Keeping your feet covered to make sure,
You won’t get dragged under the bed.
But at nightfall in the silence,
Right before you rest.
It is dark so you can’t see,
What happens in the darkness.

The author's comments:
I believe a lot of people, especially teens and younger, face this. People have their beliefs, and nobody really knows whats in the dark. This may be something worth searching, but for now...this poem may sounds familiar to what you feel.

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