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An Ode To Summer

April 27, 2013
By lexi.smith13 PLATINUM, Brownfield, Maine
lexi.smith13 PLATINUM, Brownfield, Maine
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An ode to summer,
How you bring joy.
The best out of,
Every girl and boy.
You warm up the water,
You warm up the sky.
When the coldness crept in,
It was hard to say goodbye.
But the days are warming up,
I can feel you're coming back.
To finish your job each year,
And the happiness to never lack.
So here's to the days,
that keep getting long.
And to the nights,
That we couldn't do wrong.
Because we stay up all night,
And sleep in, in the morning.
And when it get's cold,
That shall be my warning.
But for now let's enjoy it,
It shall not be a bummer.
So here is my poem,
My ode to summer.

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