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April 15, 2013
By Horus-Lupercal PLATINUM, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Horus-Lupercal PLATINUM, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
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As you walk down the street
in the near total blackness
of pre-dawn
you see a set of railroad tracks
extending only fifty feet
until it is gobbled up by the darkness.
As you walk on, you have never
felt so alive. At this hour
anyone could get mugged
or fall in love.
You hear the click-clack
of your assailant behind you
and you whirl around.
You see a beautiful
tear-stained woman shuffling down the street.
You say to yourself

“This is not my neighborhood,
and this beautiful, tear-stained
woman is a stranger.
I should leave and go home.”

But you go to comfort the
tear-stained woman. She shies
away and says.

“This is not my neighborhood

and you, though such a kind

boy, are a stranger.
I should leave and go home.”

But in the end you walk arm in
arm with this beautiful woman
(no longer tear-stained)
A you pass the tracks
the now extend forever into the horizon
for the sky is the blue velvet
of pre-dawn.
At this hour, anyone
could fall in love.

The author's comments:
I was riding on a bus on my way to a tennis tournament at six in the morning. Such a time for inspiration

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