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The Docks

March 26, 2013
By Mellifluous SILVER, Arlington, Virginia
Mellifluous SILVER, Arlington, Virginia
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You found me down at the docks
My favorite part of the river
Feet dangling in the water that was like melted glass
The current tickling my toes
Watching the tiny fish dart and glance
As silver and small and soon gone
As a loving look from your eye
Cold water hurts in February
But the fish don’t mind
Boats creaked and ropes snapped
River work stopped because a storm was moving in
And the sky looked real nasty
And the wind was starting up
Like it does just before the rain comes
The docks were empty but for us two
Gray-green light and the silver flashing fish
And clouds that made an early night
And that feeling of building pressure behind your eyes
As lightning laces across the horizon
But I wasn’t afraid
Were you?
You must have been
Because you called my name from the shore
Told me the docks got slippery when it rained
And I should come back now
And I laughed, of course
Trailed my hand in the jumping waves
Watched the fish scatter
Watched the water turn murky black
The shore turn silver and blurry
As the rain came pelting down
Each drop small and sharp against my skin
And then I couldn’t see you anymore
So I was really alone
What did that feel like?
Because of course you
Were alone too
When the storm came

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