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Believe in something different

March 6, 2013
By Dudet95 GOLD, Ottawa, Kansas
Dudet95 GOLD, Ottawa, Kansas
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Your mom, if you don't know the past... You're doomed to repeat it.

You were once different then the ones you ached to become. You were once the one who believed you have won... Life wasn't easy because no matter how hard you tried to stand a part... You were always the target of the bully's dart.

They would turn to you in groups and mock what you wear, but it was never truly a shock when they would stare and continue to talk while you pretended you didn't care.

No one truly understood, but you just knew you couldn't allow them to see... You couldn't allow them to know how hard your soul had begun to plea.

They were the ones hiding from the internal pain causing you the external vain... But you took pride in your unique ways, never falling for their tempting gaze that would put you in a hypnotic daze.

You rose above what they shot, never failing to remember how hard you had fought, but somewhere along the run you let them attack you, break you and tear you down, turning you into the one who wears the frown.

You were once true, prideful with what you knew, but you fell into the deep blue, crashing waves hitting you like the ships crew, or caging you like an animal in the zoo.

TRAPPED! Alone! No one to blame.. But yourself for playing life's sick game, bringing yourself shame for aching to be more then what they called lame, because you never were the same.

How will you tell your parents you gave away everything true in life for the ones that caused you nothing but strife?

Honestly, we are wrong, hiding behind others sad songs when we made the choice all along.

Littler girl, or little boy... You had a chance to choose a life of joy!

So once you were unique.. But you gave it away turning that inside beauty as an antique thinking it was weak and now your life shall never be complete.

Everyone struggles, yet no one seems to understand that your life has always been in your hands. Take this story and make something out of hate... Show others that you can make something from an empty plate.

To stand out... Or to follow? To rise up... Or to fade away?
Eventually that choice will come your way.
….What do you say?

The author's comments:
You wanted me to make you believe... Well believe in the ability to over come the normal and be who you are.

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