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Two Weeks Of Pure Bliss

February 28, 2013
By devikaarora GOLD, New Delhi, Hawaii
devikaarora GOLD, New Delhi, Hawaii
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Two Weeks of Pure Bliss
It all started with that one day,
Because something good always comes out of bad,
And that is exactly how it was.
YOU were the good to me,
making me smile adverse all the tears I had shed that day.
The words we shared,
the jokes we cracked,
the way your gaze fell on me...
All of that comes back like an effigy
with a salience like never before.
The voice of you and the
goodwill of it stil does wonders to me.
There was something in the way you saw,
in all your gestures that swept me off my feet...
The gray stories, the ghosts of the past...
Those vulnerable moments and the comforting silence..

They say you always remember your firsts..
First sneaking out...First date..
And the stoicism you showed,
the way you handled me during the nervous wrecks.
The butterflies that fluttered inside when we dined together..
The warmth and the magic while we held hands,
The interwreathe of our fingers...
I cherish the times we talked,
That one time we hugged...
When we confessed our feelings,
The pieces seemed to fit perfectly, completing the puzzle.

'Its not right, he's not right', they always said.

But the vow overweighed all the warnings.
'was it a foolish mistake?' they asked.
Far from it, i know.
If only they understood what you were..
In my life.
And that i have no lamentation, not anymore.
Those were two weeks of pure bliss that we shared...
Extraordinary, thats how you made me feel.
A smile still forms along when I think about you,
'euphoria' i almost shout aloud.
Yes it meant alot.
And yes it ended too soon.
It might not be what we wanted, or hoped for
,But thats how it was meant to be
.For i know, for my entire life i will always cherish,

Those 2 weeks of pure bliss.

The author's comments:
Based on my own two weeks of bliss...

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