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February 11th, 2013

February 12, 2013
By Horus-Lupercal PLATINUM, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Horus-Lupercal PLATINUM, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
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I am so tired.
The Lord willed me to his side
and I answered gladly.
But he never said his left side.
I wanted to serve Him,
not speak for Him.
This is too much.
This chair was not built for me.
It is uncomfortable and filled with
the responsibility and power of ages.
I want to join the congregation before me.
I do not want to direct it.
I want to be one of the millions
voicing their praise to the Lord.
I do not want to be the one
in the millions hearing it,
I am not to wield this power.
I am not to sit upon this chair.
I want to serve my God.
I never wanted to speak for His people.
This is too much.
I am so tired.

The author's comments:
In honor of the now resigned Pope Benedict the XVI. May the Lord bless him and accept his choice

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