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Lost in Your Sea

January 22, 2013
By Stormygirrl GOLD, Montverde, Florida
Stormygirrl GOLD, Montverde, Florida
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When I look in your eyes
I swear, it's a sight to see
To see those great skies
Of an endless, twinkling sea

Do you know how it feels
When I hold you so tight
My heart, how it reels
And how everything seems so right

But where does it lay
Your heart by the sea
Do I keep it at bay
When your not laying with me

What do you see
When I'm so far away
Oh how can it be
Would you start to stray

This feeling in my chest
No, it won't go away
Babe I'm trying my best
Please tell me you'll stay

I don't know the tides
No, I don't have a clue
I feel on the Ides
Whenever I'm away from you

Do the tears leave a mark
Do they come in the night
Do you sing like a lark
At the thought of the sight

Do you know where it ends
The feelings that we hide
Just the thought and all that it mends
For what, we know we have cried

I will stand here forever
If it's the promise I have to make
No, I won't let it sever
I won't be another mistake

Don't get lost in the sea
When you hear the mermaids sing
Oh, don't set me free
We'll lose our everything

The author's comments:
I wrote this while I was dating my ex and we lived right by the ocean so that's sorta where the theme, if you will, came from.

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