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The Dream of the Darkling

January 19, 2013
By RollerDerbyRocker PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
RollerDerbyRocker PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
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Last night
When I dreamed in pastel
The world was a Barbie dream house
Were Ken waited for me in the highest tower
And we jumped out the window
Rushing down
Our parachutes took flight
And you held my hand
As we drifted over rivers
Until I realized
That I had wings
And white hair
Eyes that sparkled black with golden flecks
Dark and haunting
With fangs that gleamed silver in the moonlight
Flying back to my Darkling’s
In a soft warm nest
A Nordin Darkling, the rarest of all
Banned by a great wall of segregation to fly over is punishable by death
To have your wings cut off
To be burned at the steak and displayed
Long after the disaster struck
But nevermore
Because I flew were no one would
Find me
To were darkling’s and humans lived
Until the very end.

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