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A Whirwind of Colors

January 15, 2013
By Lecksi_e SILVER, Fruitport, Michigan
Lecksi_e SILVER, Fruitport, Michigan
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"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say."- Anais Nin

White light thick as blood envelopes me.
it's cool mist staining my skin
I feel claustrophobic, breathing is unattainable.
everywhere I look there is color
from white to red to blue to black

Pulse, red
Strain, blue

everything labeled with a color
they shade us humans
Saving us from our true pigment showing
white does not always equal pure
I am deceived

Pulse, red
Strain, blue

I do not understand
yellow and blue make green
but does that green define who you are?
are you truly yellow? Blue? Should I just call you a chameleon?
All of your colors are choking me.

Pulse, red
Strain, blue

The author's comments:
Based on society.

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