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Go Forth With Freedom

January 3, 2013
By GraphicWriter DIAMOND, Yuba City, California
GraphicWriter DIAMOND, Yuba City, California
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Go forth with strength
Conquer and renew
Fallen buildings
And fallen people,
Save light
By using shadow.

Relinquish your weapons
By the bow you have drawn
Let the arrow fly
And pierce through
And through
Into the heart of the mind
Where breath is taken
And let go.

Renounce your name
And that by which you are fighting for
Your cause is lost
But still you bleed
And seep to the earth
Soaked up and brought back
In a smaller, more gentle
Human being.

Resign your place
For soldier, the battle is done
Let pass by which you have committed
Therefore let commence
The peace no longer broken.

The author's comments:
This poem is more about the darkness that lives in our soldiers, and how they use it to save us all, more about how when they come home, the fighting isn't really over, but sometimes finds a home in them. And their fight, to make the fight leave.

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