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Broken Little Girl

December 25, 2012
By EatWriteSleep PLATINUM, Orlando, Florida
EatWriteSleep PLATINUM, Orlando, Florida
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On this boulevard
Of a broken little girl
Her life was so hard
She became a cracked pearl

But the iridescent tears
That she sheds no more
Have stopped dropping and dropping
Onto the broken floor

She won’t shed another
Won’t pity herself no more
The bane of her existence
Dead on the floor

Now that he can’t haunt her anymore
The little girl finally feels safe
She won’t have to fear that he’ll walk in the door
And creepily pet her face

That scary man
He hurt her
In ways that you can’t believe

She has scars inside and out
Ones you couldn’t even imagine to heal
When he was around, she was afraid
After day one, it all became too real

The little girl is safe now, though
With that awful man gone
She’ll always be scared though
Of what could’ve happened if it went on

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