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December 17, 2012
By kailee313 GOLD, Havelock, Other
kailee313 GOLD, Havelock, Other
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I simple can not say I have a single hero, there are so many people out there that I would say are hero’s, you have the well known people who have done amazing things that have made the world what it is today, The inventors, the ones who fought for rights and those who made changes in the world to make it better. Then there’s all the unnoticed, and go unnoticed for so long, and when they’re noticed its too late. The ones who struggle to get out of bed every morning because of the struggles they face day after day. The ones who put on a smile and put everyone else before themselves. Those who try to find a reason every day not to end their life the moment they get home. The ones who try to speak but go unheard. They are my hero’s because they try so hard, and keep going and don’t phase the little things, these people are usually the most protective, caring and loving people on this planet. They always put someone else first before them even if their problem is minor to there own. These people do so much to help others but never reach out and ask for help. They’re my hero’s because they never give up, they try so hard for so long, and the pain they go through they try and push aside and find a meaning to life, besides the party that’s happening next weekend or the sale that’s going at the mall. They look for a relationship that’s going to last. They look at the meaning of life in a whole different perspective. They are the definition of hero. Someone who doesn't give up no matter the pain they are going through, someone who always puts other people before themselves. The ones who keep pushing day after day no matter what. These people are my hero’s.

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