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December 9, 2012
By AudrithMcfarland SILVER, Milwaukie, Oregon
AudrithMcfarland SILVER, Milwaukie, Oregon
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"One day I'll be something. And it'll be the last thing I'll ever be."

Fighting and crying
Screaming and lying
Just wishing for dying
Darling stop crying.

My beautiful misfortune
If only you could see
The reflection in the puddle,
Is so far from ugly
With colors so dark and eyes so bright
Only can I pray I was with you tonight.

My sweetest bitter taste
A heart so pure
Dappled with regret
So insecure
And yet so damn sure
Smile brighter than the stars,
Stars as bright as your dreams
Darling look at what you have
And still the eyes turn to streams.

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