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Remember When

November 4, 2012
By Thestral PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
Thestral PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
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"The head and the heart are contrary historians."

Do you remember when we met over the summer during a rained out softball game getting ice cream at a Cold stone and we laughed at how we had the same freckle on our left knee,
remember that week when you refused to capitalize your name on any of your school papers because you didn’t feel important enough and the day I first told you I love you,
remember those terribly dorky rainbow striped toe-socks with flip flops you wore the first day of school in the sixth grade and how I never told you I thought it was the bravest thing ,
remember that shirt I loaned you last year knowing I would never get it back but that was ok because it looked so much better on you anyway and how it was the color of the first CD I ever loaned you and the piano on the cover played the soundtrack to the next few months until the yellow sang It’s alright It’s alright It’s alright,
remember the butterfly on the cover of the songs I stole off your ipod when you left it at my house one night and how I pretended not to overhear you wondering why I had it drawn on my wrist in 8th grade geometry class with the boy who sat next to me,
remember the 7th grade history class when you told me I was wearing my scarf the “wrong” way and how just the other day you hugged me in front of everyone but told me you were worried everyone would think we were lesbians and I told you there are much worse things to be and hugged anyway,
remember when getting high only referred to the marks on our first Spanish tests we were worried we both failed but we both ended up getting an A in the class?
Remember when?
Look at us now
Remember then
And look at us now
Remember that day in English class I broke down and clasped my hands over my ears I needed to get out of my head but you were there for me with jokes about mustaches and poor A Midsummer Night’s Dream references
Remember the star I wore around my neck every day last summer in reference to a poem I wrote such a long time ago and that morning on the school bus I told you why but secretly I was wondering if you knew it was for you too and the poem you read by me that was about you,
remember those movies you were too embarrassed to sing along to but I knew you knew every word so we mouthed the words together in the dark and you had powdered sugar on the side of your nose just there, did you know?
Remember those awful black and white photos from that booth on our first trip to the mall and how I know they’re still hanging on that small corkboard in your room because neither of us wants to throw them away along with the charm bracelet I tried to make you one day but it was too terrible to ever wear but the owl necklace I made you, you must have worn for a week straight,
remember that black lipstick you tried one time and our crazy bat of a teacher asked what the heck and we laughed but you didn’t take it off for anything, and how I admire that on Halloween you take the chance to be something you’re not even if confident isn’t one of them,
remember how you tried so hard not to laugh at the first poem I ever tried to write and it was so truly awful but you supported me anyway and emailed me late night slam that in all honesty meant more to you than to me but I loved them anyway, and look at us now.
Remember when?
Look at us now
Remember then?
And look at us now!

The author's comments:
To my friend: if you're reading this, then you know it's about you :)
I love you darling

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on Nov. 10 2012 at 7:54 pm
Thestral PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
33 articles 12 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
"The head and the heart are contrary historians."

aw, thank you so much! :) I'll read it

W. said...
on Nov. 10 2012 at 2:03 pm
this poem brought tears to my eyes, i have a best friend where in some cases we did some of these same things. I wrote a poem also for my bff, its called forever and always but i dont think it is as great as yours. you can read it if you like. this poem is amazing and beautiful, fantastic job.