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The Broken

October 20, 2012
By RLJoy DIAMOND, Glen Rock, New Jersey
RLJoy DIAMOND, Glen Rock, New Jersey
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You're so sly
You can cut through wood with only a word
Then slither away like snake
Hiding your box of secrets
Stabbing people with the best intentions
With your conceited ways
Knocking over building with your silent gun
And cleaning the trail of blood
Leaving others with the blame
And so many words in the their vocabulary
That can save them from this horrid piece
That betrayed them
They choose the wrong one
And their stuck with the darted eyes staring at them through all eternity
Eyes that reticule them for the rest of their lives
Lives you have replaced with the broken
Yet you don't even have one tear
For all this hysteria you left them with
and only a memories they have gained from you
Memories that haunt them for the rest their lives
A kiss
You seemed so gentle at first but left them
And changed the story
Telling others how inconsiderate they are
When you ripped their heat out knowingly
Bewitching them
Haunting their futures without a choice
When you're the only one to blame
The one with the broken heart breaking others
Cause that's what he sees when he looks in the mirror

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