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It's Us

October 4, 2012
By Purplei96 PLATINUM, Oxford, Georgia
Purplei96 PLATINUM, Oxford, Georgia
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Nihil Sine Nefas

It’s not you, it’s not me
It’s us

Separately, we’re unstoppable
We glow and are happy
Together, we cause chaos
For both ourselves and anyone around us
We’re so alike we repel
Dimming each other
Because we shine in the same places

We’re constantly fighting
About useless things
With arguments dragging on
Days, week, months
Stretches of silence lasting eternities
Because neither of us know how
To stop yelling
Do you even remember why we’re mad?

I remember when we first me
It was like we clicked
Two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly
But it wasn’t

We’re the exact same
But complete opposites
Flip sides of the same coin
We understand each other completely
And not at all
We’re perfect for each other
But we’re driving each other insane

The days when we first met, those
Those were the good times, but
We shouldn’t have expected that
They would last
We should have forgotten
About each other and
Moved on, letting the other
Stay bright in our hearts

Now our hearts are cracked
Filled with black passion
And red hate. Too
Much and too little
At the same time

I saw you talking with
That girl, the one who
Is your childhood friend
Your guard was down and
You were relaxed with
A smile on your face
That outshone the sun
I haven’t seen that smile
For an eternity

Do you remember the time that
You punched one of my friends
Because he was walking too close to me?
How about the time I didn’t talk to you
For a week because you forgot
To text me good night?

Forget them. I will
Remember the firefly nights
When we’d compete to catch the most
And would end up exhausted from
Chasing each other around.
Remember the time I was sad
From the death of my dog
And you showed up at my house
With chocolate and my favorite movie.
Remember how, on every Valentine’s day
You’d give me a red rose and how
We’d kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas.

These years are proof of my love for you
And I swear that this,
When we were happy, was true
I love you too much and not enough

I don’t love you enough to want
That smile to be mine
I love you too much, and
I know how you will feel
I love you too much to leave
I don’t love you enough to stay

This, us, it’s breaking us
I’m setting you free by disappearing
You’ll never see me again
That I promise
By the time you read this
I’ll be on a plane with
A one-way ticket to freedom
Both for me and for you

And I’m sorry for leaving this way
I love you too much to do this
But I don’t love you enough to stay
I’ll treasure the time we spent together
And you’ll always be the
One that got away

But this, us, it’s not working out
It’s breaking us
Because we both shine too bright
You’re the sun, and I’m the moon
So similar but so different
That’s why I’m leaving

Because it’s not you
And it’s not me
But it’s us

The author's comments:
What happens if "happily ever after" doesn't work out?

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