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Winter Memories

September 26, 2012
By Paul_James PLATINUM, Plainsboro, New Jersey
Paul_James PLATINUM, Plainsboro, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"The only true love I ever knew
Was behind those downcast eyes
The only comfort I ever felt
Was during those long hours of loneliness
When I felt for you
I do believe
Only innocence can save the world..." -Ocean Soul

Part I. A Winter Dream
A wilt-rose resting upon my windowsill
The fresh cool scent of dawn enters my room
Oh how I wish to dream that dream again
That magical wonderland night

Pirouetting faeries upon the lake
Lovers rolling in the fields of snow
In this sacred meadow of life
The heart has no fear nor shame to hide

This is my dream, my fantasy
To see the world as it should be
In the safety of my memory
Is but a wish that will never be

The piano sings its favorite song
To the scores of dead children
The smiling clown dances for their delight
Yet it is nothing but a dream

The hopeful awaken
From their slumber
With the wish
That their dreams come true

This is my dream, my fantasy
To see the world as it should be
In the safety of my memory
Is but a wish that will never be

Part II. Swansong Lullaby
The swanheart loved me
Once upon a time
As it rest its head upon my knee
I looked into its soul
All the care for the world
Is not enough to set me free

The swanheart saved me
Taught me how to live
Passion would bring the morn
I was touched by its love
I saw the beauty of the world
It was the gift to grant me peace

This is my dream, my fantasy
To see the world as it should be
In the safety of my memory
Is but a wish that will never be

Part III. The Dream
A lonely girl lays awake at night
Longing for a friend for comfort
No one would be there for her
If I could hold her just once
I would

A stray wanders the alleys
Begging for any scrap it may find
Blinded by hunger it wanders into a growing light

The wish to be loved is all that was ever wanted
It would have been the one wish to save a life
A life that we now mourn in failure

The smiling woman you pass by on the streets
Goes home and cries herself to sleep
Hurt by her love, abandoned by her son
Took one final taste of life and laid down to rest

I walk barefoot through the grass beside you
Laying upon the shores, your hand in mine
Watching the tide come and go
Never straying from your side
We slept naked that night beneath a blanket of stars
True love in nature’s unbridled beauty

A mother has to fight back the tears in her eyes
As she comforts the dead children in her arms
Their father now sits alone in his prison
He won’t be hurting them anymore

If you could tell someone
Be it family or friend
Lonesome passerby on the busy streets
That you loved them
Would you?

Is there really a saint behind Yuletide?
Is there such a thing as magic?
Is that why we feel such joy
When we see the first snow of December?

A lost love wanders the streets it knows so well
The flickering streetlight where it all began
The grass by the creek where they once lay
The bed wherein their hearts bloomed
The final love song that was never heard

A child walked up to me and embraced me
Called me family, taught me innocence
I witnessed what true beauty could be
But was unable to save him from the world
As I watched him walk away, alone

A girl looks into a mirror
Seeing nothing but ugliness
I took one look upon her
And fell in love with her true beauty

A child holds a photo of his mother in his pocket
Knowing she’s watching over him lovingly

If only I could be granted one wish
It would be to leave this world behind
To abandon all the wrongs of the world
Embracing simplicity, love,
Humility, empathy, kindness
And in all the wonder that could be
Learn what heaven truly is like

The blind man was granted sight by his angel
He beheld all the beauty wherein he lived for a moment
Leaving it all behind as he earned his wings

A lonesome child holds his only friend in the world
And plants a single kiss upon its button eyes

Before I leave this world,
Teach me why we choose to remain
Among the beasts
Where man eats man
Blood is shed for faith
And ideologies can tear us all apart

I dive into the river and swim to its depths
The light growing further and further away
In the darkest reach of these waters
I will find purification

The piano’s song filled my heart
With the most beautiful sound
From its blooms came forth
The most beautiful poetry
Flowing from my eyes
To paint a landscape of Eden
Upon the bare shores
I’ve never felt so close
To finding true happiness
As when I touched its soft, teary cheek

Do you know what it’s like to lose everything?
To watch your friend die before your eyes?
To feel your heart broken by the one you trusted?
To feel all alone in the world?
To know no one in the world needs you
As much as you need them?
It’s a pain you can’t begin to imagine

It was you who touched my heart
With the simplest gift of love
Born not of the flesh but in spirit
Beyond all mortality, we become one
Breathing, dreaming perfection
Nothing in the world could come between us
As we will pass from this life together

Laying down beside her child in forever-sleep
A mother’s love knows, and has no limits

An old man sits with his old friend one last time
Feels the coolness of the white keys
Plays his life, now complete, to the world
Note by note, all the years he spent searching,
Now the memories fade away
Until the final chord is struck
And his spirit finally finds peace

In reading this line, know I wish only to love you more
To give the passion to the kindest hearts
Teaching love to a heart who had none
In life and in death all the care you blessed upon my world
Made for the final beautiful smile in the saddest man

War only gives us cause to mourn when death takes all
Faith, ideology, country, not nearly enough to die for
For your friend, a life is a small price to pay

Life is more precious than any gem
Love, more beautiful than any music,
Why throw away what you only feel once
Wish only to heal the world’s wounds

Beyond the blood and flesh we bear in this world
We are but one beautiful creation in this garden
Bound to live, bound to love, bound to lose it all
To cry for all that we had is to be human
The tears for the dead give birth to the sweetest poetry
And if, for one moment, we cease our vile ways
Take in and embrace the feelings of love’s simplicity,
Learn to let go, learn to dream, learn to love
Maybe we may know innocence once more

(Part 3 Dedicated to all the hearts who have given mine a home)

The author's comments:
A sort of ultimate catharsis for myself, and a poem dedicated to all those whom I love.

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