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Our Love

July 31, 2012
By Moee1 BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
Moee1 BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
“Hope is a necessity, evaluating the morals of our determination. Love is an opportunity, displaying the occurrence of whom is accepted within you. Intelligence is a desire, it urges ones motives to incline.”-Mohamed Roberts

You seek for love in all the wrong places, that all hope is lost
Differences become the enemy, lagging the process of love
But I can feel the vibe, our hearts must abide
 It's a scenery that none could describe.
Here lies a love so beatific; how much more  could one have
Here lies a love with uncommon form that swarms with warmth 
A love so firm, never worn, but hard to earn
A love with the remedy to pain; leaving nothing less but plenty to gain
The love is so unnaturally lovely, that it's a pest
A love that many request, but can't obtain 
The  love is deep,heavy with precious emotions
Clouded with desirable glamour
Love is art, pure with true attraction
Unique with authentic power
The power to relive stress
Capability to enrich happiness
The love is plenty, diffusing the pain, silencing issues
Love is an adventure,
venturing uncommon thrills
Thrills felt only when in love

The love blossoms,
Ensuring stability between us.

The author's comments:
He's been through a lot trying to find the right girl. When he finds the right girl their Love is Amazing.

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