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Finished at last

August 7, 2012
By Gleek4ever GOLD, Hometown, Illinois
Gleek4ever GOLD, Hometown, Illinois
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When I first set eyes on you,
I thought you were the one.
But no one ever told me that you would
Break my heart a ton.

People tell me, love is a game, and you
Can win or lose.
Again, no one told me it’s hard to tame
And once again lose.

It’s all fun and games until I get hurt
From your mistakes.
Not mistakes that can be corrected with a word,
But mistakes that will leave a mark.

Marks that will not heal nor will go away but
Marks and scars from you.
Now, here is the time for you to pay
By never coming back.

If I’m too harsh, who really gives a crap?
No one cares anymore,
And if they do care, they won’t really
Care anymore.

The one “thing” that might actually care
Is your soul.
Perhaps not even your soul cares; so
That should be a sign for you.

A sign saying, “I don’t care, but I actually used to.
Now I’m an idiot, who
Cheated on his GF, so don’t come talk nor
Come near me.”

And when/if you DO find someone else,
Here’s a tip for HER,
‘Please Don’t fall for his coolness and
Stupidity like I did.’

Falling for him is really simple, but
Getting out is harder.
Hard to leave, hard to stay, and once
You’re with him you can’t let go.

He may look like a normal guy, but inside
He is the devil!
Every guy says, “I want to be him.”
And that just confuses me.

I don’t know why they want to be him, they can
Only see the niceness.
But they don’t see that he is really a liar,
Cheater, and a jerk.

And do “all” guys want that as well?
If they do, I want to say,
‘Wow, that the guys that I used to know, now want
To be cold as ice.’

Ice that will melt and turn to gas,
Which will make
Us better than ever before.
Stronger and wiser too.

No more tears to be shed and all the tears
You see are fake.
I cannot and will not show any of my
Weaknesses anymore.

It’s time to let go of the past and focus
On the future.
No more will we be treated poorly,
Instead we are free.

The author's comments:
After my ex cheated on me, I wanted to express my anger.

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