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Two of The Same

July 14, 2012
By cmore PLATINUM, North Vancouver, Other
cmore PLATINUM, North Vancouver, Other
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Your lips, bright cherry stained
Tiny, flawless, butterfly-like
I imagine they taste
Like imagination
Your hands, baby breath soft
And lonely, I can feel in my bones that
They are reaching
Just like mine have reached
Your hair curls in milk chocolate ribbons
Touching the outline of your face
Just the edges
Because the strands,
They too
Are paralyzed by your beauty
The skin of your being
Melted over you
Dusted with iridescent memories
The lingering flutter of butterfly wings
And your eyes
Their impeccable blue-ness absolutely
They whisper to me in languages
Neither one of us speaks
Saying everything your lips
Tremble to release
I imagine you taste like summer
Like sticky sand and exploding watermelon
Like sleeping on couches and the inside of a bonfire-melted
Like holding hands to Death Cab
Like dancing in the middle of the street
Like spiky emerald grass marking the backs of our legs
I imagine you are mine and I feel something rustle
Deep in the bluest depths of my heart
But you drift from my hands as my fingers
Brush yours
Or was that just my imagination?

The place next to me
Has been kept warm for you
By boys who I can’t even write here
Their names entirely undeserving of your light
But this place next to me is empty now
The sheets slightly rumpled
The quilt overturned
But maybe one day
When courage isn’t imaginary
I’ll have you here beside me

I don’t know if you’ve ever tested these waters
If your hands are any more experienced than mine
I don’t know of your religion
If it keeps you in shackles away from me
Because our lips are both red
Our hands the same size
We are
Two of the same
You and I
And everyone knows
Opposites attract like magnets
So why does our same-ness
Awaken me?

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