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Home-Ward Bound

July 13, 2012
By EllieMae SILVER, Severna Park, Maryland
EllieMae SILVER, Severna Park, Maryland
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Rain drops fell upon his car
Beating rhythmically like an Indian drum
Glad to be leaving his work
The long hours of thought had taken its toll

Gloom continued to course through him
Hunched over the steering wheel
Traffic was much slowed,
By the rain which fell upon his car

Pondering still the things of work
The soft radio music would not help
Wondering if he would keep his job
The dark, dark clouds still loomed

Driving on he followed the road home
Noticing the rain had slowed
The clouds began to clear
No more rain drops fell upon his car

The radio music sounded somewhat livelier
His car gliding more easily than ever,
Down the road towards his home
Sunshine was now peeking through the clouds

Pulling into his driveway,
He was glad to see his house
Stopping to park he remembered the things awaiting him
Getting out of his car, the sun almost blinding

Walking half heartily towards the front door
His dog barking loudly from the yard
The man had forgotten about his horrible work
And walked into his home, his joyous family greeting him.

The author's comments:
my inspiration for this piece is my loving, hardworking father.

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