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dear ms. popularity queen

June 27, 2012
By ellen22 GOLD, Dallas, Texas
ellen22 GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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dear ms. popularity queen,

if you cared about your boyfriends
half as much
as you care about
the reflection in the mirror
maybe i could forgive you
for all those times
you stuck your
silly fat lip glossed smile
raccoon black makeup eyes
in my face and made me feel
but i’m not here to yell at you
on the contrary, i’m here to
thank you
yes, thank you
thank you for the lesson in
how to hold your head up high
and ignore the remarks
and hold back the tears
thank you for training me on
counting to ten
and humming a song in your head
and staring blankly ahead
thank you for teaching me
they are very useful qualities to have now
now that I am writing this
five minutes before i will step on stage
hear the roar of the crowd
the millions of fans
who love me
with as much passion as you hated me
and do you know which song I’m singing in my head today?
the same ones I hummed all those years ago
you have pointed out my flaws again as if I don’t already see them
hit me with the worst you got and knock me down, baby i don’t care
do you want to be a loser like me now?
has ms. homecoming queen been overthrown?
i thought so

more sincerely than cordially,
the “loser”

The author's comments:
I wasn't actually bullied, but I wrote this for anyone who has ever been made fun of by a "Ms. Popularity." Just remember that someday you'll be living in a big ol' city and all she's ever going to be is mean;)

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