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When Decsions; Get the Best of You.

June 21, 2012
By peanutbutter2998 ELITE, Greenville, New York
peanutbutter2998 ELITE, Greenville, New York
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"You are your own person. Nobody can change that. If they do change you, You are no longer yourself. They cannot make you better or smarter or better looking. They can only make you worse."-Natalie (myself)

As much as this decsion will hurt,
the decsion has been made.
Painfully, I have to say goodbye.
It hurts me so, so bad,
to let go.
I have tried so hard,
to contain my tears.
They're just pouring now.
I think,
you are a wonderful guy.
I believe,
we have every right to be together.
I think this is the worst decison i've ever made.
The world around us thinks differently.
This atmosphere full of people,
thinks entirely different of our own thoughts.
I know you will hate me for saying this..
I let the people get the best of me.
They left me wordless.
They imprisoned me with guilt.
They are my family.
They know whats best for me.
Day after day,
I will regret this.
Eventually, you will move on.
There are plenty of girls out there,
who are like me.
Those girls may not see you like I do,
those girls may not appreciate you like I do.
But they will love you.
They will be there to care about you.
I know you have a heart full of love.
This is it.
This is what it comes down to.
Of course,
I'll be tripping over missing you.
Ill never hurt this much,
walking away from someone like this.
If we keep holding on to something that just cant be,
things just wont turn out good.
As much as we both really want to be together,
we have to let go.
I swore in the beginning,
that you would be the one leaving me.
I was wrong...
This hurts me just as bad.
Even worse because im the one who HAS to leave.
The one who has to turn around and never look back.
To sit and try not to linger,
on something that simply just can not be.
Thid is just the final battle in our war,
and I lost.
Never forget that note I wrote you.
Never forget me.
I know I wont forget you.
Promise me;
please dont do anything to hurt yourself.
You have plenty of reasons to live,
and that would just pile more hurt and grief upon myself.
Neither of us need that.
You can hate me all you want for my decsion,
but I cant keep up with this on-going battle with my family.
Words themseleves cant even explain how sorry I am,
putting all this hurt on you.
There are plenty more girls in the world.
I will give both your sweatshirts back Monday.
I will wear that necklace with rememberance.
I will embrace it,
and never be more thankful for anything.
Ive just lost all my hope.
I'm so, so sorry.
All I have to say is,
I'm sorry it had to end like this.
I cant thankyou enough for every good memory.
For every beautiful word that has touched my heart gently.
You treat a girl like she is supposed to be treated.
I respect that.
I will never forfet you.
Forever in my heart you will stay,
for no guy can fill me with the exact joy you did.
Its been a long journey between us both,
and its ended unexpectedly.
I will miss you more then words can explain.
In my mind, I will always be baby girl.
I love you.
I must say goodbye.
I'm so, so sorry.

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