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Of Rock and Paper

June 21, 2012
By bigblue GOLD, New Market, Maryland
bigblue GOLD, New Market, Maryland
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Here I sit,
Empty paper before me.
So many words,
To be written.
So many songs,
To be sung.
So many,
So many.
Words of lead,
Drop like stones.
Into that empty water,
That blank page.
Here I sit,
Pencil in hand.
My enemy before me,
My weapon at the ready.
White paper runs
And is blurred.
Rock beats paper.
Words of lead,
Cover the paper.
Beats paper.
For I write with rock,
And cover that paper.
Words of lead,
Drop like stones.
Into an empty well,
From a full mind.
I sit in contentment,
For my enemy is dead.
That blank paper,
Has been filled.
No longer is is something to fear.
No longer,
No longer.
For the paper has words,
Words have power.
The paper is powerful,
Endowed with the strongest of strong,

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