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government power

May 16, 2012
By The_Jew GOLD, West Des Moines, Iowa
The_Jew GOLD, West Des Moines, Iowa
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an infection in america
creating a new direction in a wrong way
as the pigs stay at the bay
the big wigs stuck high alone
they smile their fake smiles
all the while they take our home
they stab us from behind
jabbing at our freedom
destroying our rhyme
the man keeps us down
the plan ties the knot
the shame that they show
the coke that they blow its white as snow
but its just white to please us all
black is their true color no racist remark
especially with the s*** they hark
and still the flow cant be stopped... the flow cant be stopped...the flow cant be stopped
now mow your brain
and dont complain when i say
forget the fame
this isnt a game
before somebody else passes the blame
this "government" is composed of strange creatures
church preachers, their features distort
retort if you will but you trust what you must
distrust, illusion, and anger is what they cook
enough to make you overlook their s***
put you through a fit
as they chain you down with an evil grin
they begin...
and those opposing get caught in their mit
their lame claim to fame brings shame to us all
creates a scene from which we fall
and they still have the gall
to demand us to obey and hand our cash
as they take a drag and throw us away like ash
in the trash we sit to them, we rot
to them we're freaks condemned to the cage
and we sit in silent rage
waiting debating creating a way,
a way to get away from them
but they find us and break us
they shape us to fit in their puzzle
that is their regimin till they are done
then they discard their hand of their pawns
and lay waste to their puppets they have fooled

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