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Take A Step

April 27, 2012
By TheUnwindingCableCar PLATINUM, Plymouth, Indiana
TheUnwindingCableCar PLATINUM, Plymouth, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. -Plutarch

Don’t look back, take a step
Forget what life’s about
Take a fall, take a new turn
Go a different route

Don’t look up at me
As you hurtle to the floor
Air rushing, wind gushing
In the air, but you can’t soar

Reminisce in the passion
That drove you to the edge
Think about the truth and lies
That put you on this ledge

Forget me for a second
Just leave this all behind
Don’t look back, take a step
It doesn’t matter, you’re resigned

To this fate you will cling
Until the bitter end
These wounds you won’t show
Will not ever get to mend

Bones shatter, Vessels break
As you pummel into dirt
If you don’t fall too fast
Your painless death will hurt

See the point, the tragedy?
The reasons not to leap?
If you let go of me
No more promises I will keep

But I’ll let you pick your poison
And be unused antidote
Do not think of me now
Remember us passing notes?

You smiled, I laughed
It all took off from there
All’s never well in our life
But for once, it was fair

You in white, me in black
Recall the plans we made?
The years we planned, times we spent
You want it all to fade?

Listen, a sound resonates
The beautiful sound of silence?
Don’t fill it with useless noise
This self-destructing violence

Take a step back, look around
See me standing there to save
Please look back, see me cry
I’m here to help you, so please don’t die

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on Apr. 26 2013 at 12:02 pm
Kev-Girl SILVER, Plymouth, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Life is a maybe. Death is for sure. Sin is the cause. Christ is the cure. :)

Love is the breath of God, and prayer is the melody that makes it sing.

If you cant annoy someone, there's no point in writing.

Love is overrated, marry for money.

So is it okay if I cry now? lol. This is so beautiful! Amazingly well written, and so is your other work! I've been reading through some of your poems, and they are all so brilliant:)