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Replacement Heart

April 12, 2012
By Purplei96 PLATINUM, Oxford, Georgia
Purplei96 PLATINUM, Oxford, Georgia
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Nihil Sine Nefas

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Relentlessly counting down
The time I have left to live

Inside my chest, I no longer
Have a heart, instead inhabited by
A clock and I know how

Long I have left. 3 days
7 hours, 9 minutes, and
21 seconds. Tick-tock

A ticking time bomb
Hidden in my chest
Telling me. The rest of

My life counting down
I’m informed by
My Replacement Heart

The author's comments:
My friend made the observation that a heart was very much like a countdown of your life, the only difference being that you couldn't see the time. From then, I got the comparison of a heart to a clock stuck in my head, and I just had to write a poem about it.

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