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The Mockingjay

April 12, 2012
By TemperanceBrennan SILVER, Winnipeg, Other
TemperanceBrennan SILVER, Winnipeg, Other
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In the forest green, as green as greenery goes,
It lived at the bottom of a lush green hill.
It was perched in the lonely, crying willow tree
On the bank of a burbling, bubbling brook.

There it sat quite happily, sing quite cheerfully
Where the giggling daisies grew, there they danced with the wind.
In their dresses of green and in their brilliant white bonnets they danced,
There bright yellow faces, smiling up at the tree.

The wind blowing softly, whistling by and by,
The trees gossiped among themselves,
Debating who had the prettiest leaves,
They to, swayed in the summers breeze.

The birds twittered, they to perched in the willow.
The cooed and they whistled and they twittered away,
The Mockingjay leading up its beautiful melody
The other birds sang as accompaniment and gave the brilliant bird the stage.

The frogs croaked loudly, the sound gurgled in its throat.
They to, joined the Mockingjay’s chorus,
They striked up quite a beautiful melody.
The music grew louder, with the humming of the bees.

The bees how they buzzed, they were as buzzy as buzzy could be.
The stopped at every daisy and each flower they kissed,
The daisies how they blushed, the bees grinning mischievously.
The trees stop the nonsense chattering and begin to notice what they missed.

The rabbits hearing the Mockingjay’s tune hopped through the trees.
Stopping to hug every trunk, they pause and listen to the sweet melody.
They gathered round the willow where the Mockingjay was perched.
As the sweet little bird began the next verse.

Doo doo doot doot, doo doo doot doot
La la la la la la la, la la la la la la la
Loud and clear the dear bird song rang
La la, la la. The voice happily sang.

The song went on; it grew in volume as it did in length.
The Verses becoming more and more beautiful,
The Daisies dancing grew slower and slower.
The Mockingjay never grew tired, nor did its audience.

But as the sun began to set,
And the moon rose up into the sky.
The Mockingjay starting up one more verse,
The verse that was meant for a sweet goodnight

The author's comments:
I personally love this poem.

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